Let’s do this!

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. There are too many people out there, suffering like I have (and still do). Talking to others who have survived what you are going through can be such a blessing. That’s what this is.

Putting yourself out there is never easy. This is my way of helping myself and others deal with what we have endured. Please SUBSCRIBE to the email updates (in the menu) and find me on social media (those links are also in the menu). Share this with anyone you think may benefit from it.


  • Monday Moments – Monday’s are hard. That’s why I’ll post pictures of beauty I’ve found in the world. Feel free to share your own with me. Together, we can make it through the dreariest of days by focusing on our glimpses of beauty.
  • Wednesday – This will be my weekly posts. Some of you will have trouble reading these posts. I have a trigger warning page for more details on this.
  • Friday Funny – Let’s get ready for the weekend by having a good laugh! Again, please send me links to what makes you smile. These are always great to have on hand for the bad days/moments.

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