Sandy’s Grand-dog

I think my dog is a descendant of Falcor!

When I glanced over and saw her, I had a flash of childlike glee. I imagined riding her through the sky while she told me of things beyond anything I’d ever dreamed.

If you don’t know who Falcor is, PLEASE find The Neverending Story on your favorite movie platform (click the picture to find it on Amazon)! NOW! Like, right now! (In a new tab, of course.)

Tammy age 8-ish

As a book nerd, this was my FAVORITE movie for a while. Basically, this boy starts reading a book that he found and notices that it’s describing HIM! It’s what all book nerds wish for. To live in your favorite story. It’s a great family movie that encourages you to use your imagination.

Anywho… back to the topic of this week’s Friday Funny. What’s something that made you laugh, chuckle, or even just grin this week? Share below or tag me in social media (links in the menu bar)

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