Live in the Moment

This photo was taken by me while I was sitting in traffic. We had been at a dead stop for 20 minutes!

I found myself getting more tense with each tick of the clock. I had places to go and things to do! Why weren’t we at least moving a little?!?

The sun was glaring in at that angle where the visor can’t reach. I was wasting gas and that means money!

I angrily glared out my window at the clear lanes on the other side of the highway. It took me several minutes, I’m ashamed to say, before I noticed this view.

It was breathtaking! So beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye. I rolled down my windows and turned off the engine. This picture can’t capture the smell of the water, the sound of the waves, or even the true colors of the sky as the sun shimmered off the water. In that moment, I cried. Not just at the beauty of this scene, but at the thought of how many times I’ve missed the beauty in everyday life.

We are all busy. Always rushing to do this or that. Filled with frustration at every little thing. Living in the moment is a foreign concept. It won’t come easy, but I will STRIVE for it every day!

Take a look around you. Notice the small things we overlook. I’d love to see what YOU find! Please share YOUR Monday Moments in the comments or find me on social media (links in the menu).

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