Visual Cues and Reminders

“Motivation is garbage!”

Mel Robbins author of The 5 Second Rule

Even if you believe in motivation, taking that next step is hard. That’s why you need visual cues and reminders that you CAN do it surrounding you.

I saw these at my doctor’s office and had to smile.

Visual Cues and Reminders Doctor's Office I woke up like this

If you don’t have anything like this, get one (or twenty) TODAY! NOW! Like, right now.

Mornings are hard. Days are hard. LIFE is hard!

We need something, some cue or reminder, that every step along the way is a victory. (Mel Robbins teaches mental cues in the book linked above)

Visual Cues and Reminders Dream Believe Achieve

This is the coaster on my desk. The thing I see before coffee is a visual cue for me. It inspires me to get out my journal and work it!

Get a wall plaque or even a sticky note and write it yourself!

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