To Do List For Survivors

This is for the days when even breathing feels like too much work.

Have you ever noticed checking one thing off your list motivates you to do more? The feeling of accomplishment as I make that mark or place that star always makes me smile a little.

Let’s get started: Grab a pen and paper.

1. Write a to do list.

To Do List for Survivors stickers

No, seriously. Put it on the list. Remember, we are making a list that will encourage us to move forward.

And while you’re at it, get stickers or stars if that will motivate you more than a check mark. I’m not ashamed to say I have lots of stickers!

To Do List for Survivors bed

2. Get out of bed.

This is honestly the most difficult one to me. That’s why it’s number 2 on my list.

I already have one star, I can do this!

3. Make your bed.

It doesn’t have to be pretty. Just untangle the sheets and throw them on the bed. Here’s additional motivation (in case a sticker isn’t enough): it’ll make it easier to crawl into bed tonight.

To Do List for Survivors water

4. Drink a glass of water.

Just 8 ounces. You can do it! Dehydration can contribute to the symptoms of depression.

To Do List for Survivors black shower head switched on

5. Take a shower.

On the really bad days, imagine the water cleansing more than your skin. Picture the dark cloud of depression becoming lighter as it’s thinned by the spray.

To Do List for Survivors clothes

6. Get Dressed.

Don’t panic! “Go out” is nowhere on this list. Just putting clothes on can sometimes be enough to keep you from crawling back into bed.

To Do List for Survivors cereal

7. Eat Breakfast

Energy is important when fighting depression. Food = energy. Eat. It doesn’t have to be a lot. An apple, a piece of toast, etc.

To Do List for Survivors Floppy

8. Cuddle

Whether it’s your spouse, a friend, a pet, or a stuffed animal (like my Floppy shown here), cuddling is scientifically proven to help with depression.

That’s it! End of the list. That wasn’t too bad was it?

Bonus: you can add more to your list or even add these again. Water, for example, could be added and checked off with each glass.

What’s on your To Do List today?

To Do list for Survivors depression

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