Finding Calm on Dark Days

Do you find yourself accepting, or even embracing, your depression, anxiety, feeling blue, and every other negative mood? That’s where I found myself this weekend.

The weather was dreary, just like my mood. You see, I made a trip back “home” to the place where I spent most of my life. I’m just going to say it: Alabama is not a good place for me.

But my love for family members forces me to face my demons. This is where my trauma happened, but it’s also where a lot of good happened.


First, I binged. Then I wanted to purge. I fought so hard! And won, yay!

But the depression roared back to the foreground. Flashbacks, panic attacks, crying, etc. I had it all.

And worse of all, I accepted it. No, not just accepted, I pulled the negative feelings around me like a comfy blanket. “Welcome back, my old friend.”

I’m not sure how long I lay there; it was long enough that my legs started getting stiff. When I stretched, something happened to pull me out of it. YOU happened!

I had kicked my notebook off the bed. It’s where I plan this blog. It’s ideas of how to help others. YOU are my inspiration to keep going! YOU helped me out of my bad time! YOU!


First, I opened the drapes.

Sunshine is such an important part of mood stabilization! Also, you NEED it to survive. Literally. Vitamin D.


Second, I hydrated. Remember my To Do List for Survivors?

In fact, take a moment right now to drink some water. I’ll wait………

Are you done? Okay, let’s continue.

Then I planned. I picked up my notebook and drew out this week’s schedule. Having a plan helps me feel more in control.

Past Future

This is why I have Monday Moments and Friday Funny for you. It’s not just about sharing mine with you, I want YOU to find your own.

Every week, I ask you to share the beauty you’ve found or something funny. TRULY, I want to know! I want to know that you are searching for things that can help you make it through the week.

Now that I’ve told you my struggle, here are my Moments:

Walking through downtown, I took pictures of things I thought were pretty or interesting. These go in a special folder in my phone and my laptop so that I can revisit them on my dark days.

Please, share your moments from this week. Where did you find calm and beauty?

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