Friday Funny: Protective Pets

Funny animals is the #1 search on my YouTube. Even on my darkest days, pets can make me laugh.

And my favorite 2 are my fur babies, Sandy (dog) and Piggy(cat).

Sometimes they really drive me nuts though. The above picture was taken after I walked to the kitchen and returned to these little brats in my seat! I was only gone for a few seconds!

Sandy is such a sweet baby. She was my trucking partner when I was OTR and still sleeps with me every night. As a little dog, she has to work extra hard to be seen as a protector.

Sandy killed the terrifying paper

Here you’ll see the remnants of the terrifying paper that she bravely killed for me. In her mind, if it makes noise, it’s dangerous. Paper, plastic bags, the wind, etc.

Piggy is a true hunter. As you can see in the video, he’ll put himself in danger to protect us from anything that moves.

Please ignore the messy kitchen, I was in the middle of reorganizing. Actually, it’s still not completed. I doubt it ever will be. True procrastinator that I am.

Back to the laughs. Piggy especially loves attacking Sandy’s tail as it wags. Sandy, in turn, will run and hide behind me (being the brave little girl that she is). This encourages Piggy to chase her. So at any given moment, a battle royal could break out at my feet.

There’s never a dull moment when you have pets.

Are you a pet parent? Share your favorite story and picture with me.

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