Texas Bluebonnet

It’s that time of year again. Bluebonnet season. As a Texan, I have a love/hate relationship with this beautiful flower.

Texas Bluebonnet PlantingMe.com

First, a little about this flower. The Texas Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas.

Many people say it has no scent at all, but others (like me) say it gives off a sickly sweet smell. It’s along the lines of honeysuckle to me.

It is frowned upon to pick them. In some areas, you could even face legal consequences.

They ARE protected by Texans. To such an extent as to override HOA rules. (And you KNOW that’s not an easy thing to do!)

Now the hate part. It’s not the flower’s fault. It’s the tourists.

I don’t mind tourists, per se, but please use common sense! Because of the protected status, these flowers can be seen in any area that has dirt. This includes the roadsides of busy interstates.


We know they’re beautiful, that’s why we love them. We also have them in every park, garden, zoo, and any other attraction you can think of. THAT’S where you should take pictures!

This is supposed to be a Monday Moments post. That means relaxation, not ranting. So …

Please stop to smell the flowers PlantingMe.com

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