How to Save a Life

I gave blood yesterday, but that’s not what I’m talking about. (Please focus on my smile, not the lack of makeup)

As survivors, we doubt our worth. This is a fact that I hate admitting. I try to appear strong and confident, but I still hear his voice telling me I’m worthless.

That’s why I frequently remind myself of a story about a suicidal man that I heard years ago. It goes something like this:

I decided to give God one last chance to save me.

I would take a walk and if even ONE PERSON noticed me,

I wouldn’t do it….

I was almost home when it happened.

A stranger smiled at me.

(There are so many stories like this one that I couldn’t find the one I originally read)

Every day, I remind myself that just my smile can save a life. I can save a life! ME!

THAT is important! Just my smile can hold the power of life! I am NOT worthless! And neither are you!

Whether you gave blood today or simply smiled at a stranger, you saved a life today! Start every day with that intent: “I have the power to save a life today!”

Are you struggling with feelings of worthlessness? How do you quiet the negative voices you hear?

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