Doctor visits and prescription medications

Mental illness has always come with stigma and judgement. Not just from outside sources. The internal is the most difficult to overcome.

I’m stronger than this!

Me, trying to overcome depression without help
The truly strong ask for help when they need it

Personally, I’ve battled with this for years. It became so much worse after the abuse. Survivors are strong! Unfortunately, we also try to control EVERY aspect of our lives. That includes our mental health.

I am finally taking my own advice. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist later this month.

But I’m scared. Just the thought of being put on medication makes my chest hurt. I’ve had terrible reactions to medicine, including an anti-depressant that made me suicidal.

Courage isn't the absense of fear

There’s also the “helpful” comments that people make:

  • you’ve got a good life, why would you be sad?
  • you know those drugs aren’t good for you
  • why can’t you just think about something else?

And so many others. I’m sure these people are trying to help, but it’s not that easy.

Mental illness is an ILLNESS! You wouldn’t tell someone with a broken leg to just “walk it off.” Why would you tell someone with mental illness the equivalent?

We need to realize that our mental health is just as important and valid as our physical health. I vow to do my part and share my story, will you? Comment “I’m in!” below if you want to join the movement to eradicate the stigma of mental illness.

Please like and share this post. Tag me on social media (link in the menu) and use the hashtag #PlantingMe. Let’s start a conversation and raise awareness.

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