Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor

No, it’s not what you think.

Public restrooms are a fount of material for funny posts. People have conversations there they would NEVER say in “public.” Unfortunately, most of them aren’t meant for “mixed company” as my mom used to say.

However, there are times that we simply HAVE to snap a photo to share with the world.

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor bug

Like the time I walked in on this little fellow. I already had to go! Why’d he have to scare it out of me?!?

It’s a stink bug. They’re pretty harmless, but can make you hurt yourself when they surprise you.

Eye roll

Baby boy just walked by and said, “I guess he really stunk up the place. he-he”

Boys are so full of bathroom humor.

This gem, I found while doing a cross-country drive. I was exhausted, which made this funnier. My first reaction was to question why they named the toilet after the dog in Wizard of Oz.

Friday Funny: Bathroom Humor

What have you found humor in this week?

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