Planting food and flowers for Earth Day

Every Monday, I encourage you to notice the beauty around you. Most of the beauty I see is in nature, I am a country girl after all. Earth day is the one day a year that everyone is encouraged to do something to preserve this beauty.

You could ditch prepackaged bottles and get a reusable one (affiliate links to follow):

Or give up plastic straws and use these instead:

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What I decided to do was plant things. It’s been a while since I had flowers or a garden. Hopefully they’ll survive while I relearn the in’s and out’s of gardening.

First, the pretties:

I also had to get this little guy, he was on clearance after being battered:

Earth Day

Growing up, my mom had one of these. We called it a hen and bitty plant. I’m not sure what it’s really called. I was always amazed that if you broke it, it would grow from the broken leaf. Ironic, huh?

I also planted tomatoes and cucumbers. Let’s see if I can grow my own food:

Earth Day

What are you doing for Earth Day? Share your pledge or project with me.

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