What is a Mood Monitor and Why You Need One

For anyone with anxiety, depression, or any other challenges that could derail your dreams; a mood monitor can be a lifesaver! (Literally in many instances.)

A mood monitor is the one person you check in with every day. The one who helps you to think through the panic. Who can help refocus your view on yourself and your situation. But most importantly, is there when you need to talk (even if you don’t want to).

The hard part is finding that person. It would be SO nice if there was a book you could read or a video to watch, a step-by-step guide on How to find a BEST FRIEND! But there’s not. It’s not that simple. Or is it?

Think about the people you see on a regular basis, people at work or while running errands. Is there anyone who stands out? They may even make you a little uncomfortable by noticing when you are having a rough day.

DON’T PANIC! I’m not asking you to confide in a total stranger! What I AM asking you to do is to notice the potential for friends around you.

Here’s the scary part: when this person (the one that seems to truly care about the answer) asks how you are, BE HONEST! Don’t answer with an automatic, “I’m fine.” And use adjectives! Looking back at my relationship with my best friend, the ONE thing that changed us from friends/acquaintances to best friends was one word… “just.”

He asked me how I was, like so many people do every day, and an honest response slipped from my lips. “I’m just ok.” He’s an observant guy. He picked up on that word and it became a different conversation. My best friend (we’ll call him Koopa) became my mood monitor that day. I don’t think he even knows that “just” changed our relationship, but I know. I also know that a moment of honesty has turned into a healing friendship.

Sometimes you need someone to hear what you’re not saying. To everyone else, “just ok” is the same answer as “fine.” To a mood monitor, it’s not. I challenge you to look for your mood monitor today. Allow yourself to be honest, it’ll be worth it. I promise.

Do you already have a mood monitor? Or are you trying to find the courage to look? Let me know in the comments or find me on social media (links in the menu)

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